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ExecOnline Mobile App

The ExecOnline App can be downloaded from the iTunes App store. The App is for use exclusively on Apple’s iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or above.

Primary Features

The App allows you to watch video lectures online or offline, participate in select platform-based meetings (NOT Team Forums), view your program calendar, and take notes. There is also an in-app tutorial for ease of use.

There is also two-way syncing between your iPad and the Platform so your progress is recorded no matter where you view the lectures.
Getting Started
  • You must use an internet connection to log in.

  • Use the same login credentials as you do on the Platform.

  • Select “Remember Me” so you can access the profile when offline.

 Accessing Video Lectures
  • The App allows you to access the first video lecture Segment following your most recently completed Segment.

  • Non-video lecture Segments appear as greyed out on your iPad. To complete these segments, you will need to use a laptop or desktop computer.

 Viewing Video Lectures Online and Offline
  • First, you must be online to download the videos. Once the videos are downloaded, you can watch them online or offline. Multiple segments can be downloaded at the same time, however, they must be viewed in sequential order.

  • Begin by pressing the Download icon (arrow icon to the right of each segment title).When the download is complete, the download icon will change to a play icon; Press play to watch the video lecture.

Syncing between iPad and Platform
  • The App and Platform will sync automatically provided the iPad connects to a network after you complete any Segments on the Platform using either the App or your computer. Segments that you have completed on the iPad may appear with a yellow checkmark to signify that other non-lecture segments must be completed on your laptop or desktop computer before you are able to move forward. Once they have been confirmed as completed, the segments will show up with a green checkmark next to them.

 Other Features
  • Accessing a link displayed in the Commentary section or the Support link requires network connection. External links will launch in the Safari browser.

  • Accessing any outside link will stop the video; The App will remember where you left off in the video even if you close out of the App and return later.

  • You will automatically sign out 30 days after your most recent log-in. When this occurs, simply re-login.

  • You must be online to use the Forgot Password function, to view the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and to get Support.