How should I structure my time during the program?

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TitleHow should I structure my time during the program?
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Each “Program Week” begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. In order to both stay on track and gain the full benefits of the program, past participating executives have expressed the importance of setting and adhering to a “study plan” each week. While your own study plan will be unique given your weekly work schedule and other obligations, here are some best practices to consider:

Each Monday, preview that week’s module and assess the length of the videos, number of assignments due, and any required and optional live events.

Each Monday through Wednesday, view the lectures. Be sure to take notes and discuss with your Buddy what you have learned and its applicability to your final assignment and overall company or departmental objectives.

By Thursday of each week, get started on that week’s assignment(s). Review lectures and your notes as needed. Continue to receive and share feedback with your Buddy. Remember, assignments are due by Sunday of a given week by 11:59 p.m. (US Eastern Time).

Consider the timing of your Live Event Meeting as those often involve discussions of that week’s video lecture content and application exercises. It is ideal to complete related viewing and course work prior to those meetings so you can fully engage in the topics at hand.

Whatever schedule works for you, we highly recommend that you pace yourself and that you do not “cram” everything into a short period of time or until the “last minute.”
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